We’ve worked with companies large and small and have found these policies to be the key to delivering the absolute best quality products.
If you’re unclear about any of our policies, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know.

Because this information is constantly evolving, it’s important to check and make sure that no changes have been made to our policies and terms of use before placing an order.
If you start an order with us you’ll be considered a client and we do everything possible to make sure that we get our clients what they want.
Once discussion of an order has commenced, you agree to have read this document in it’s entirety and agree with all of it’s content.
Payment of an order in any amount is further agreement to the most recent version of this document.


Files must be submitted in high-resolution formats or as vector files.

Resolution: 300 dpi at production size

File Types:
     Raster: .psd, .png, .jpeg, .gif, .tiff
     Vector: .ai, .eps, .pdf

File Storage: After thirty business days of storage, no file shall be guaranteed to be stored in Haberdash’s database. This means that all files must be backed up by the client, and there will be no expectation for Haberdash to store or send any file after 30 business days have passed from client's order approval. If a client’s files have been erased, Haberdash is not responsible to replace or compensate the client for design or creation of a design beyond that thirty business days. 

No files used in the direct production of an order will be released. This includes any file used directly for stitching, printing, or any other production method. Transparency files, embroidery files, cutting files, and other files which have been set up for the unique processes and approaches that Haberdash uses during production will remain the sole property of Haberdash. If there is a question about whether a file can be released, it is up to the discretion of Haberdash to do so.

Garments for Production

To ensure production efficiency and quality control, all garments used in Haberdash production must be provided by Haberdash. Woven tags, woven labels, and any other accepted items that are provided by the client are accepted with an understanding that the client has accurately represented the quantities of those items. Always provide more than needed as any shortage of items will not be the responsibility of Haberdash. Also understand that production may call for the use of more of those items than the total number of garments or items produced by Haberdash (e.g. 105 provided woven tags may be needed to produce 100 hoodies with tags due to the realities of production). If a manufacturing process consumes an item that we have provided, we will either replace or remove that item from the order total. If a manufacturing process consumes an item that has been provided by the customer, the item will not be replaced, but the production cost of the service provided by Haberdash tmay be removed from the order total.


If you have questions or concerns about any aspect of the proofs, please email us at info@haberdash.us before giving your approval. 

Regardless of your expected completion date, no processes will proceed without your approval on this page. Please note that any changes or delays in receiving approval will subsequently delay your order. Approval over the phone will not constitute an acceptable form of approval.

After 24 hours of making payment on any order, no changes will be allowed to garment types, sizes of garments, or quantity of garments. Should you need to cancel your order after 24 hours of making payment, only 50% of your order total will be refunded. Because all orders are started immediately when they’re placed, any order cancelled, or changed with respect to garments used, after 24 hours from order placement will incur a $35 restocking fee.

After you have given approval on the mockups, absolutely no changes may be made to the order. Once final approval has been given, any errors, mistakes or omissions discovered are the sole responsibility of the client and Haberdash shall not be held responsible.

With the exception of ‘Rush Orders’, the order return date is an approximate return date and is therefore not a guaranteed date of completion. Our general timeline of returns (about 10-12 business days from the proof approval date) is not a guarantee and may fluctuate depending on specific processes and current work load. No exact return dates can be predicted for orders that are not Rush Orders and normal orders will not be considered late if returned outside of the 10-12 business day estimation. If you know that you need something back on a specific date, please make sure that you place a Rush Order. Rush orders are only available for two forms of production: Screen Printing and Embroidery. No other forms of production are eligible for Rush production without written consent from the Haberdash production manager. All Rush Orders are guaranteed to be done by the end of the work day specified.

Giving approval on the artwork used in your mockups confirms that you own or have attained the rights to use and print any and all designs and artwork used in your product. Do not give approval on mockups if you have not contacted the owner of intellectual, visual, or other property used in your product and gotten their permission to do so.

Please note that the color in digital proofs may differ from those of the press. Though we do our best to match colors from digital mockups, the differences between color modes of back lit screens may cause variations. By giving approval, you acknowledge these differences and understand that we base all of our decisions off of the mockups that you approve.

Though we do our best to correct spelling errors, your approval implies that you have read and approve of the spelling of all words shown on the garment/product. Please ensure that all designs and artwork are correct. These mockups are representations of the final version of all printed and constructed goods. Please also ensure that all fonts are correct before giving approval. Once final approval is given, Haberdash is not responsible for any misspellings, errors, omissions, or design mistakes provided by the client. Refunds will not be issued for client errors.

Mockups will not be made of views of the garment that are blank. If you do not receive a mocked-up view of any side of a garment or product, assume that it is blank. For instance, if you do not receive a back-view of a t-shirt, assume that there will be no print on the back of the shirt. If you do not receive a view of a printed tag, or other feature that you are expecting to appear on the final product, it is your responsibility to inquire and request the absent view.

In some circumstances, printed tag color may be altered from color listed in mockups based on production team’s judgment to contrast the garment unless otherwise specified by client.

Artwork sizing on the Production Mockup is based on Medium garments in order. Unless additional production fees are added, only one size artwork will be produced on all garments in order, smallest to largest.

Haberdash will only responsible for order changes or discussions involving any and all order details that are communicated through 'valid communication channels'. These channels include email and online responses to invoices via our order software. This is to ensure that all details regarding orders have a record to refer back to. Any communication by phone or in person are not considered valid communication channels.  

We absolutely want to provide you with the product that you want and hope that you will help us in catching any mistake on our or your side so that you receive the best product possible. Mockups are the final okay, so review them carefully to ensure accuracy. Your approval constitutes final and overriding permission as to the final state of any product produced.

Production Processes

Due to simultaneous agreements with companies who have goods in production, Haberdash will not allow clients to see, videotape, or photograph any step of the production process. Haberdash will not photograph, videotape, or share any part of the production process with clients unless it is for the promotion of Haberdash’s own services. Unless specifically requested, Haberdash retains the right to photograph the processes and products of our services for use as we see fit. This includes social media, website, internal cataloging, etc. and applies to all garments, products, and services. Haberdash also retains the right to reproduce any part of graphics and processes used in the production of any client’s goods for the purposes of self promotion.

Haberdash will not send photos, videos, etc., of finished orders that are waiting to be picked up or shipped.